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Institutional research of nanoelectromagnetics


ISTS-B-1708 As modern technology comes to operation in centimetre and millimetre wavelength regions, it meet a problem of human body and optical sensors protection from harmful influence of EM radiation, as well as a problem of electronic circuits protection from the EM impact and unauthorised access to information flaxes. To solve these problems, new ultra-light materials with controlled electromagnetic properties are necessary. Carbon based structures play an important role in the development of coatings absorbing and reflecting EM fields. However, it is very difficult to provide a structure and size control of such materials even at the level of several tens of nm. Variation of one class of parameters causes an uncontrollable change of other parameters. That is why systematization and classification of information about the influence of the carbon materials structure on their properties is very important.

Global Project result: A concept and physical-chemical basic of scientifically justified design of new ultralight composite materials with controllable electromagnetic properties with  carbon nanoclusters as inclusions, which efficiently absorb electromagnetic radiation in a wide wavelength range. Implementation of the Project will provide authors with leading position among research works on the EM applications of nanocarbon materials and composite materials on their basis.