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Institutional research of nanoelectromagnetics

Registration fees

Fundamental and Applied NanoElectroMagnetics

Registration fees

Full Registration                               € 120;
Student/young scientist (age till 31)    € 30;
Companion                                      € 70.

We kindly ask to keep the following procedure of payment:

1) download the agreement. Please find for organization (EUR) or for individual (EUR) (it depends on payer), as well as for organization (BYR) or individuals (BYR) for payments in Belarusian Rubles. You can delete the English version if you need not it.

2) fill in the necessary information. Please pay attention you should define the amount of fee (and leave in the agreement the correspondent line);

3) if you are a student or a young researcher, please, provide us with the copies of documents certifying the age of the participant or the status of a student/young researcher;

4) sign and stamp the agreement;

5) send us the scanned version of the agreement; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Ekaterina Korolyova, +375 29 371 40 90

6) get our confirmation and invoice;

7) transfer the necessary amount of fee.

ONLY for belarusian participants: we can send you the invoice without the agreement. Send us the bank details of your organisation. Please note if you need the invitation with the registration fee amount.