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Institutional research of nanoelectromagnetics

Welcome to the Nanoelectromagnetics portal

Dear Colleagues!

Welcome to the new nanoelectromagnetics portal.

We are very excited about the website and hope it will be informative and useful for you. Solid-state nanostructures are constitutive and geometric inhomogeneities in semiconductor and dielectric media, having extremely small dimensions in one or more directions — about one or two orders of magnitude bigger than the characteristic interatomic distance. As a result, spatial confinement of charge carriers is fully developed, thereby providing a discrete spectrum of energy states.

Apart from that, the intrinsic spatial inhomogeneity dictates nanoscale inhomogeneity of electromagnetic fields. The interplay of these two key factors dictates peculiar electronic and optical properties of nanostructures. Promising potentiality of nano-structured elements for transmission and processing RF and light signals as well as  for the use in quantum net-works to store and process quantum information motivates active studying electromagnetic response properties of nanostructures. Thus, a new branch of physics of nanostructures — nanoelectromagnetics — is currently emerging. In this regard, researchers face new problems, while the traditional electromagnetic methods gain new life in their application to new objects.