Institutional research of nanoelectromagnetics


VPI Development Center, Belarus High Tech Park, Belarus

Recent advances in nanophotonics allow integration of hundreds (and even thousands in few years) of photonic devices on a single chip. This rapid progress requires development of appropriate simulation tools that would facilitate design and verification of large-scale photonic integrated circuits. Importantly, the simulation techniques developed for modeling nanophotonic devices are badly scalable and become inefficient when applied to modeling large-scale circuits. The latter task requires development of new system-level simulation approaches. We show that fully passive photonic circuits can be efficiently modeled in the frequency domain using the S-matrix assembly technique. However, modeling of large-scale *active* photonic circuits presents a real challenge since the commonly used time-domain approach is not scalable. To address this problem, we have developed a new hybrid time-and-frequency-domain modeling (TFDM) approach. Here, we show scalability of this new approach, present our advances in its efficient implementation in the framework of the simulation tool VPIcomponentMaker Photonic Circuits, and discuss the remaining challenges.