Institutional research of nanoelectromagnetics


Laboratory of Nano-optics, Stepanov Institute of Physics, Russia
Enhanced light-matter interaction in plasmonic nanostuctures

Nanoplasmonic structures offer enormous enhancement of Raman scattering rate for molecules adsorbed on a nanotextured metal surface. This phenomenon principally can lead to development of palmtop Raman testers for certain practical applications. In such devices multiband haigh-pass filters are desirable with narrow transmission bands adapted for certain combination of laser wavelength and probe molecules. The potential applications include e.g. medical diagnostics. In this contribution we report on design of three-band high-pass multilayer filters aimed at oral cancer diagnostics. The filters сотефшт 24 and 27 layers and have transmission peaks at 661, 680 and 706 inverse cm adapted for a He-Ne 632 nm laser source. The peak transmission is 1 in every band whereas the background transmision between bands is no more than 0.1. Practical implementation is feasible with commercially available dielectric materials and vacuum deposition technique.