Institutional research of nanoelectromagnetics


Institut für Festkörperphusik, TU Berlin, Germany
Towards Single Photon Sources at Room Temperatures for Quantum Cryptography Application

Single quantum dots (QDs) are promising candidates for the realization of electrically triggered sources of single photons or entangled photon pairs for application in quantum cryptography. Devices based on III-N QDs are operable at much higher temperatures than their arsenide counterparts, and provide the possibility to tune the emission wave length over a wide range. In this presentation, we study the fundamental processes of photon emission by excitonic complexes confined in single III-N QDs using InGaN/GaN and GaN/AlN QDs as examples. Furthermore, a comparison with corresponding results in InGaAs QDs will be given. Experimental results from single-QD spectroscopy are evaluated as well as theoretical results obtained by eight-band k.p theory.